Twice a year we have to remember to change our clocks by one hour for daylight savings time. 

March 14th: Set clocks AHEAD (1) hour
November 7th: Set clocks BACK (1) hour

Most vehicles now, KIA's included feature a Daylight Savings Time button that once checked you should have to worry about changing your clock as log as the calendar is set correctly. 

Just in case this hasn't been enabled on your KIA or you'd simply like to double check, below is a video we've created that will hopefully guide you through this quick & easy process. 
This instructional video should be accurate for all 2019 & 2020 Model Year KIA's with either the 7" inch or 8" inch touchscreen display. The vehicle featured in this video is a 2019 KIA Stinger GT with the 7" Touchscreen.