When you've been conquering the road for nearly 40 years, you must be doing something right. The Kia Sportage remains a popular choice for Amherst, NY families who want crave style and substance from their compact SUV. The Kia Sportage enters a new generation of production, which means several wholesale updates and a redesign of this Kia favorite. Northtown Kia knows you'll love what's ahead for the 2023 Kia Sportage.

Look to the Future

The Kia Sportage is a great option for shoppers who want to look and feel upper crust without having to shell out six digits worth of dollars to enjoy the experience. The Sportage takes that feeling to another level with a more comfortable cabin, expanded cargo area, and state-of-the-art technological improvements across the board. The new Kia Sportage can even take the party off-road with its new enhancements.

Kia Sportage of the Past

The Kia Sportage, as we know it, was first introduced in 1993 as a compact SUV. Its first iterations were boxier than the ones you see around Amherst, NY, today. In fact, it was marketed as a five-door SUV, or wagon, early in its first generation. These models were nowhere near the models of perfection you expect to find now, and as the saying goes, it was another time. These models didn't last long before taking a two-year hiatus.

The second generation of the Sportage arrived in 2005 and looked more in line with what you imagine an SUV looks like. It was larger than its predecessor but still lacked the off-road capabilities drivers wanted. But it was beginning to garner national attention, with recognition from Consumer Reports, who named it one of its most reliable vehicles in 2009.

By 2011, JD Power dubbed the third-generation Sportage the International Car of the Year. It now includes more options under the hood. This generation also marked the beginning of its reputation for safety, earning Top Safety Pick status from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2010.

If things get better with age, the Kia Sportage appears to be in its prime. The fifth generation shows more promise than the last, as its looks enhance and technology continues to improve. There are plenty of reasons to consider a new or used Kia Sportage from Northtown Kia. But ultimately, it comes down to your needs and how you feel after a test drive. Visit our showroom and land the Kia Sportage you love today.