The winters in Buffalo can get brutal. Winds coming off the lake can make for treacherous conditions. And we wouldn't have it any other way. But it is important to ensure your Kia is ready when the mercury drops and snow starts to fall. That means making a trip to the Northtown Kia service experts to get it up for the season.

What worked for your Kia in the spring and summer won't necessarily work for you in the Winter. Some things will need to be replaced, others checked, while others could be just fine. We don't expect you to fully understand everything your car needs for changing seasons. Let our team of experts handle everything your car needs to get you through the winter.

Winter Services available at Northtown Kia

Check Your Windshield Wipers

There are a lot of "most important" things to get addressed for the winter. One of those important things is the status of your windshield and, in turn, your windshield wipers. If your current wipers leave streaks on the glass, skipping or squealing as it runs, it is time to get some new wipers. These issues can cause visibility problems during your commute or slow your reaction time. Our team can find the right wipers for your specific model.

Are Your Tires Up to the Challenge?

One of the best ways to gain traction on the streets of Buffalo is to have all-weather or snow tires. If you live in the area, you know the day will come when they'll come in handy. However, these aren't the only option you have. If the tires on your car or SUV have sufficient traction, you should be in good shape. This could mean getting new tires or simply rotating the ones you already have. Our tire experts can check your current status and set you up regardless. This also means balancing or putting air in your tires.

Check your Filters

When you come in for winter service, we can check your cabin or air filter. It is as good a time as any to make sure you are breathing in clean, fresh air when you take your family around town. You want your car's HVAC system to run cleanly and efficiently. A dirty or clogged filter can slow your car's defrosting or produce a musky smell throughout the cabin. And that's no fun when you can't roll the windows down.

Check the Battery

We can't think of anything worse than a dead battery in a dark and barren parking lot in the middle of January. Let us test and check your battery to make sure it will last you through these harsh winter months. Your battery works overtime to get started and keep you moving when you need it most. Sometimes it has enough life in it that you won't have to worry. But if it is reaching the end of the line, you'll be glad you had our team check it out.

Fluid Refills or Replacements

Did you know the oil you used all summer wasn't designed to get you through the winter? Different seasons call for different viscosity to ensure all your engine's components operate as smoothly as possible. The same goes for your brake fluid, transmission fluid, and just about anything else that keeps your parts lubricated. We will also make sure antifreeze is in good supply.

Visit Northtown Kia for Your Winter Service

Don't get caught out in the cold this winter. Keep your Kia running its best when the temperatures drop by getting your winter service at Northtown Kia. Our experts will ensure you get more out of your winter travels in your Kia.

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